Big, long project… and I think the final room is my favorite!

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I’m wrapping up a rather large, Mediterranean-style 5 bedroom home… which overall has a kind of “weathered elegance” vibe to it.  Each room has turned out even better than I expected (if I do say so myself), but the 2nd Guest Bedroom, I think is my favorite.  We skewed a little younger with this space because its inhabitants will be mostly teenagers and stayed a touch more casual than the rest of the home… all in all, a successful room!

We started with the Stria set from West Elm… so cool!

I’m not typically a get-the-entire-set designer (I like to mix it up), but my clients like matchy-matchy and I have to say… the set looks wonderful together!  Each nightstand is topped with a tripod-base lamp complete with a burlap shade.

On the bed, I did a “crinkle” quilt in dark red and blue diamond sheets, who’s pattern gave the room a little, needed boost.

To finish it off, I found a wonderful, muted stripe rug and this cool, Eames-inspired chair from Jayson Home.

Stay tuned for photos of the actual room….

Easel does it!

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I have run out of wall space, friends.  My house is… how do you say, “cozy”.  I love it, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but it’s a weirdo of a home – angled walls, cut out walls, and luckily, lots of windows.  So, not much actual wall space.  Cut to my current obsession… easels!

I saw the current cover of Architectural Digest… and I was a goner.  I’m absolutely in love with the space and lines and statement-y neutrals of this room!

And so, the easel hunt commenced.

My current favorite… from Restoration Hardware.  But I’d like to see it juxtaposed with a chunky Baroque frame.

Or do I like this 19th Century bamboo easel better?  With this style, I’d prefer a sleek, shiny metallic frame – chrome or brass.

I even like the heft and dark finish of this new bamboo easel.  So hard to decide.

Even these tabletop easels from West Elm do the trick if space is REALLY tight (and your artwork is tiny).

But I didn’t think I was a fan of TV easels… until I saw how Vincente Wolf had used them in a couple of his projects.

Kind of a brilliant solution if your wall space has been exhausted and the TV needs to be movable, right?

And what a great way to add a television to room that’s got difficult dimensions… ( and the massive mirror behind the bed is a fantastic spatial solution too). 

I’m convinced.  Easels – not just for artwork anymore.

It was a Flea Marketing type of weekend…

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Believe it or not, after 0ver a decade in Los Angeles, I had never been to the Rose Bowl Flea Market until yesterday.  Crazy, right?   And upon discovering that 2 of my dearest friends hadn’t as well, we made a plan.  A-Rose-Bowling we’d go!  Eager and already in the mood to shop by Saturday, I stopped at the Mount Washington Outpost and found these needlepoint weirdos from England.  I love many kinds of textile art and needlepoint is one of my favorites (especially oddball pieces).  They are bound for our guest room…

We arrived at the Rose Bowl Flea Market at 10am, figuring we’d miss the hustle bustle of the early birds, but beat most of the recreational shoppers… and I think we were wise to do so.  The booths were still plentiful, the crowd wasn’t too thick and the sun (at first) wasn’t too hot.

My first find…

A stunning and unique Swedish glass bowl from the 1970s.  Peacock blue in color with a (very scratched) brass base.  I am a sucker for a footed serving piece… and this is a wonderful addition to my collection.  At the very same booth, I spied a gorgeous ceramic bud vase!

By local California artist, Claude Hulce, this Eames era beauty is an instant style boost on any surface – and “arranging” a stem in a bud vase is foolproof!

My final purchase was actually the only one that filled an actual need.  We’d been using very cute (but very flimsy and elements-sensitive) IKEA lack tables in our garden.  I’ve been looking for proper outdoor tables for quite some time and then I spied these gorgeous numbers…

I found a pair in my favorite turquoise color and they complement our outdoor space perfectly!

And the piece I passed up and will pine for until the next time I go… a big, Brutal-style Rhino.  How hot is he??!?

Sooooooooooooo good!


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